Adelaide Avril

Our terrariums are unique objects made in Paris.

A true little corner of nature, the terrarium comes in two types: wet or dry. The first consists of plants living in the undergrowth, taking advantage of humidity and low intensity light. This type of terrarium closes in order to keep the humidity necessary for its operation. It consists of various plants and natural elements such as Ficus, Asparagus, Sedun, Nephrolepis, Hypoestes, Fittonia, Chamaedora, undergrowth mosses and river sands. Dry terrariums are made up of succulents and cacti that require little water and appreciate the sun. The containers are not closed, leaving the plants in the open air.

Complete: February & April, 2021
Duration: 2 Months
My Role: Troubleshooting
Client: France
Website URL: Click Here

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Nicholle Brace

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