Anaci Italia Servizi

ANACI Italia Servizi srl (100% ANACI company) is the commercial interface for the 8,000 ANACI Associates. It is also the operational tool with which ANACI is developing the national project ” Condominio Social Smart ” which, with a series of activities, aims to sensitize the 8,000 Associates so that they can contribute to the evolution of the Italian heritage towards the Smart City. . To move on to the operational phase and to implement the issues addressed, it is essential that the 8,000 Associates are supported by experienced, reliable and market-leading companies, businesses, technicians and professionals. This is the reason why Anaci Italia Servizi srl carries out constant market surveys whose goal is to select the official Partners who will be the representatives, for the various market segments, of the operational activities of the national project.

Complete: October, 2020
Duration: 1 Month
My Role: Website Maintenance
Client: Italy
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