Candice Butler

Candice Butler – Bio“A woman of a certain age.”I live in Seattle with my husband of 35 years, a cat, and a host of characters who live inside my head and all want their stories written – now!How I came to write the OMGs (Oh-My-Gods.)I had just finished reading a wonderfully written, really hot shifter novel. This story had been satisfying read. Still it left me with a vague disconnection I often felt at the end of a story. This time rather than ignore the feeling I worked on identifying the reason for my dissatisfaction.It is simple women of a certain age look at life differently. We’re not in our late twenties or early thirties or even early forties. We’re no longer striving to make our mark in a career or life or still solidifying our emotional landscapes. And we’ve let go of much of the emotional baggage and uncertainties that are part of a younger woman’s story.Don’t get me wrong, while I may remember these days with a combination of fondness and consternation. Returning to them is an option I would not exercise even if it were available.As a woman of a certain age, I like the confidence that comes with having lived. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got uncertainties, but I get through them fairly quickly, because life is short. And I’ve gotten my emotional baggage pretty down to a half full carry-on. So what do I want? The same thing Steve Winwood sang about, Higher Love, because “without it, life is wasted time.”OMGs, because we’re never, ever too old for passion.

Complete: September, October 2020
Duration: 2 Months
My Role: Website Maintenance
Client: United Stated(US)
Website URL: Click Here

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