D. Belliveau Precast Ltd.

Pavers are a durable, high quality product that adds value and charm to your home.

They also have the characteristics needed to sustain frequent and heavy loading. Damage to pavers by frost is almost non-existent.

Paving stones offer an economical alternative to other types of pavement when viewed in the long term.

Pavers are easily removed and re-installed without any visual or functional changes. This is often required for underground utility access.

At D. Belliveau Precast and Paving Stones, pavers are manufactured from a “no-slump” concrete mix and made under extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations. Pavers have a compressed strength greater than 8000 psi, a water absorption maximum of 5%, and will meet all regulated standards.

Complete: September, October 2020
Duration: 2 Months
My Role: Website Maintenance
Client: Canada
Website URL: Click Here

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