Domo Meus

Domo Meus aims to be your one-stop partner for all your unique and artistic home decor and lifestyle needs. We source the most high quality, aesthetic and carefully curated accessories and home furnishing goods for all your design needs from artisans all over the world. We believe aesthetic and functionality are the most desirable characteristics of things we all enjoy to surround ourselves at home in daily basis if not everywhere. Our collections are carefully crafted by designers with a keen eye for detail, balancing utility and aesthetics seamlessly.

Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we now cater to a vast international clientele in the Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand. Our shipments are processed in our fulfillment centers in Europe and Asia and we are currently expanding.

Complete: October, 2020
Duration: 1 Month
My Role: Website Maintenance
Client: United Arab Emirates
Website URL: Click Here

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