Hudson Tattoo Cellar

After graduating from The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan with an illustration degree, I had the pleasure of working at Addicted to Ink in White Plains. There I learned from resident artists and owners Mike Tacij and Cash Rodriguez, and laid a amazing foundation for six years. After appearing on Tv, winning awards and being published I was able to start a new journey. I received the opportunity to work with industry legend Joe Capobianco and the rest of the talented crew at Hope Gallery Tattoo. Now I have turned my sights back to the town that I was raised in Yorktown Heights. There I have created the Hudson Tattoo Cellar in a attempt to bring my obsession of art to the town I love so much.

Complete: September, 2020
Duration: 1 Month
My Role: Customisation
Client: United States (US)
Website URL: Click Here

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