Stop Politicizing Baseball

A letter to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. As fans, we are humbly asking you to STOP POLITICIZING BASEBALL. When you attend baseball games and look into the stands and onto the playing field do you realize the people are from all Races, Religions, and Political Parties? Fans are united for one common cause, to cheer their team onto victory. It’s a time to forget about your problems or work and enjoy your family and friends. Baseball is to Unite not Divide! You appear to be oblivious that we are currently living in a divided country and the culprit is POLITICS. Why would you want to take sides in a political war and alienate half of your fans? It doesn’t make sense. So Please Play Ball Not Politics and let our fans enjoy a sport that is politically free

Complete: April, 2021
Duration: 1 Month
My Role: Troubleshooting
Client: United States
Website URL: Click Here

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