Vagabond Temple

Vagabond Temple Yoga, Meditation and Healing School is a great place just to be you, to grow, learn, heal, and meet other spiritual seekers from around the world. Our goal is to provide guidance and tools to each person, allowing our students to manifest change and live an aware and fulfilled life.

Human beings often can’t find a safe haven to connect to the light and immerse themselves in infinity. Traditionally, there was a craving for a physical space, a temple, to fulfill these expectations. But actually divinity is present in every corner of the universe. And most of all, it is there to be found in ourselves wherever we may be in the world.

The spirit of this message is how the Vagabond Temple was named. A place where people could find divinity inside.

We strove for authenticity above all, combining the great wisdom we had been taught to create our own method to help individuals find their own freedom through cultivation of the mind, heart, energy, intellect, and purpose.

Complete: October, 2020
Duration: 1 Month
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Client: Cambodia
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